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Models / Alexandra Snow
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Alexandra Snow Vital Stats:
Height:  5'5
Age:  34
Measurements:  34G-27-33

I am exceedingly skilled the physical, mental, and emotional elements of domination. I have spent the last decade acquiring these skills and I delight in finding new methods to use them. . I embody the mythical archetype of the femme fatale, the siren whose call shipwrecks a man upon the shoals. I use my feminine allure and exotic beauty to draw worshippers to me. I was blessed with amazing genetics, being a cultural mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Native American. With dark hair, dark eyes, and a classic face, I have been compared many times with the likenesses of ancient deities.

I do not consider myself a sadist, although I am certainly quite capable of causing pain when it pleases me. I consider myself a control fetishist above all else—for everything else is just a means to an end. I am a strict Disciplinarian, a flirtatious Neighbor, a haughty Goddess, a bossy CEO, a sadistic Dominatrix, and so much more. I am a modern-day Lou Andreas-Salomé, whose psychological genius ensnared Paul Rée and Frederick Nietzsche.

I am the incarnation of Aspasia, the elite hetaerae who taught Socrates and held Pericles in life-long adoration.
Alexandra Snow Updates

Rock, Paper, Ballbust

10/22/2021 11 min of video
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The Humbled Life

10/20/2021 7 min of video
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Micro Bikini Bitch

10/18/2021 7 min of video
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Keep Edging

10/15/2021 9 min of video
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Vampiress's New Thrall

10/13/2021 13 min of video
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Smoking Step-Mommy Humiliation

10/11/2021 11 min of video
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Ignored and Humiliated

10/09/2021 8 min of video
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Cum Dump Express

10/08/2021 8 min of video
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