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Sunday May 1
Cuck Call

“…and that’s the last knot. You’ll be stuck there for a while.” Domina Snow grins mischievously at you. Now you’re in a full-body bondage tie with no way to escape. Luckily, this is exactly what you paid for. Suddenly a phone rings from across the room and the beautiful Domina moves to answer the call. “Oh hey honey. I’ve missed you all day.” There’s a deep male voice on the other end of the phone. She turns away from you. “No, I’m not busy. I’ve just got my slave tied up here. He’s not going anywhere.” You find yourself squirming in your bindings. The thought of a beautiful Goddess like Alexandra Snow ignoring you for her obviously superior boyfriend causes your cock to stiffen. As she speaks in low sultry tones about fucking her boyfriend, you squirm some more. You’re such a little cuckold at heart.
Cuck Call

Monday May 2
Tuesday May 3
Chaotic Cum Countdown

I bet you’re itching to cum for me today. That’s good. I want you to wrap your hand around your cock. Get a good hard grip and jerk for me. We’re going to count you down all the way to busting. That’s right. I’m going to start from 20 and work my way all the way down to 1. When I get to 1, only then can you cum. Are you ready? 20… 19… 18… Oh wait. I lost my place. I guess we’ll just have to start over…
Chaotic Cum Countdown

Wednesday May 4
Dominated By The Sith

What do we have here? A puny little Jedi! You think you can defeat me, Jedi? My power in the dark side is so much stronger than yours in the light. For I am Darth Snow. I have made entire planets fall at my feet. I have extinguished every one of your kind that has been unlucky enough to cross my path. You have no power here. With the Dark Side I can steal your lightsaber, remove your clothes, and tempt you with the darkest of urges. I can close off your throat without ever laying a finger on you. I’ll laugh as I watch your lips turn blue and your cock grow hard. You never stood a chance against me Jedi. My power is greater than any you’ve ever known. In the end, I will make you beg for sweet release.
Dominated By The Sith

Thursday May 5
60 Min - Goon Loop JOI Compilation

60 Min - Goon Loop JOI Compilation: WARNING: FOR CHRONIC MASTURBATORS ONLY Are you ready sluts? This one is a doozy. I know you love to jerk for me. So much so that jerking for me kickstarts a trance in your mind. One that wipes away all higher thought. The second you click one of my videos, your brain vanishes and your hand rushes to your cock. You’ll goon and goon and goon until you’re dry, and then you’ll goon again until your balls are just spitting out dust. Well, my little jerking addict. I’ve made you a little treat. This video was expertly crafted to give you the longest, most intense gooning experience. I’ve selected many of my favorite videos and weaved them together so that you’ll be jerking and cumming for one full hour. I know you want to see how far you can push it. How long you can last. I want to take you to the edge of your jerking addiction and then push you into the chasm of endless pleasure.
60 Min - Goon Loop JOI Compilation

Friday May 6
Saturday May 7

Thank you for coming over. I’ve just had the worst luck with men recently. That last one ended up being such a douchebag. I wish I could just date guys like you. You’re nice, sweet, and thoughtful. You’re always here for me whenever I’m having trouble. I know I’ve friend-zoned you in the past but that was a long time ago. Maybe it’s time to take that next step in our friendship. I know you’re in love with me. That’s why you’re always around. Would you like that? Do you want to kiss me? Come a little closer, love. Do you want to escape the friendzone?

Sunday May 8
Swimsuit Try-On

I’ve got a trip to Hawaii coming up, so I’ve been doing some swimsuit shopping. When I say “I”, what I mean really mean is my slaves. I’m going to try on all of these swimsuits, one by one. From little tight bikinis to cute shawls and wraps, I’ve got a little bit of everything. So, sit down. Just bask and in glory as I try on some of your favorite garments.
Swimsuit Try-On

Monday May 9
Tuesday May 10
Precise Instructions

You’re going to learn exactly how important it is to follow instructions. Now, I want you to stand up and follow every command to the letter. Look at me. I need your undivided attention here. I feel it is necessary to humiliate you in order to teach you a very important lesson. Put your hands behind your back. We begin now.
Precise Instructions

Wednesday May 11
Thursday May 12
Last Gasp

You were just so eager to let me in. I know, I’m hard to resist. You thought I wanted sex? No, my dear. I want something a little more precious: your life. Don’t worry. I made sure to pick a method that would be both pleasurable and exciting for your end. I can tell even just talking about me making the last, most important decision for you is turning you on. Your cock is rock hard with the thought of it. So just sit still, love. I’ve got a plastic bag with your name on it. Take a deep breath now. It’s the last one you’ll ever get.
Last Gasp

Friday May 13
Saturday May 14
What is Femdom?

You might think you have a pretty good idea of what FemDom is. But like in most things, you’d be wrong. FemDom is not your fantasy. FemDom is not your ideal of what a dominant woman should be. FemDom is each individual Domme’s idea of the perfect dominant woman. That’s why you love it. This celebration of our superior womanhood. That’s what attracted you to the genre in the first place. The only thing we need to be is ourselves in our most powerful, alluring forms. You’ll get sucked in every time.
What is Femdom?

Sunday May 15
Small Dicks Finish Fast

I am consistently amazed by the different kinds of cock that the body can produce. Sure, big ones are impressive. But honestly, they’re not as impressive to me as small cocks. Not in the way you think though. I’m consistently amazed at just how small a penis can be. Take your cock, for instance. It’s just so tiny. You sent me a picture earlier and I had to zoom in so close just to see it. How do you jerk off? Are all your nerve endings just crammed there on your little nub of a dick? I imagine it doesn’t take you long to cum. You could jerk yourself off with two little fingers and be done before my intro is done playing. It’s a good thing you’ll never fuck a real woman. This tiny penis gene you’ve got going on is the last thing you need to pass on.
Small Dicks Finish Fast

Monday May 16
Tuesday May 17
Vaccine Victim

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I know for a fact that you’re going to need the vaccine if you want to get your life back. If you want to leave quarantine ever, you’re going to need the vaccine. How do I know this? Well, as it turns out, I fancy myself a bit of a scientist. I’ve created something just like the vaccine that not only prevents Covid, but also makes the recipient my slave. Once I had that figured out, it was only a matter of a few pokes to secure the entire vaccine supply train. From development to distribution. Even the surrounding legislature is mine to control. Which means I’ve replaced every vaccine with my special vaccine. If you ever want to come out of quarantine, then you’re going to need my vaccine. It means, you’re going to be my slave .
Vaccine Victim

Wednesday May 18
Thursday May 19
Wicked Eden's New Sissy

Featuring the beautiful Miss Noel Knight! Welcome to your first day as The Wicked Eden’s new house sissy! You had to jump through a lot of hoops to get here, didn’t you? But you’re the last sissy standing. I think it’s time we give you your orientation. You’ll have a lot of jobs to do around the dungeon. Cleaning before and after sessions, tending to the Dommes, maybe even being a film slave whenever we need one. You’ll have to do all of it in your very own pink maid’s uniform. Isn’t that fun? You should feel so lucky. There was a lot of competition to get this position. Let’s see how you do on your first day.
Wicked Eden's New Sissy

Friday May 20
Saturday May 21
The Devious Djinn

Oh hello there. You must be the new master of the lamp. Figured you’d give it a good rub and see what came out? Well, here I am. I am a Djinn, and I am bound by the magic of the lamp to give you three wishes. You can wish for whatever you want, really. Just be careful how you use your words. By the contracts of my service, I can interpret the wish you make exactly as I see it. What do you truly desire? Money? Power? Good looks? I can give you all of that and so, so much more. Now, let’s start off simple. Just say “I wish…”
The Devious Djinn

Sunday May 22
Slut Hole

I’m sure you’re missing sucking cock during the pandemic, aren’t you slut? Well, lucky for you I’ve come up with a solution. With my little invention, you can still live out your cock slut fantasy, while being safe at the same time. Behold, the Slut Hole! This gloryhole is going to be the key to your slut success. I want to see you gag. I want to see that cock disappear down your hole like a fucking magic trick. I want you to kiss and slurp all over this dick. You’re going to show me just how much of a cock whore you are.
Slut Hole

Monday May 23
Tuesday May 24
Eat It Every Time

What is this I hear about you not eating your own cum? You should know by now that I expect every single slave of mine to eat their cum. Not only is not eating it wasteful, it’s also in direct opposition to my wishes. You see, you all should be eating your cum every single time you have an orgasm. I am the one who gives you your orgasms. Those orgasms are a gift and no gift should be received without proper thanks. You eating your cum is just another part of our arrangement. Even as you’re stroking now, know in your mind that at the end, you’ll have to eat it.
Eat It Every Time

Wednesday May 25
Thursday May 26
Electric Anal Play

Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to have a session with me? Well, I’ve decided to give you a little peek. This lucky slut came to me with many desires, but little experience. So I decided we would start by sizing up his slutty little hole. Once his ass is plugged nice and tight, then we’re going to have a little fun with my new tens unit for a little shock to his cock and balls. If he can handle these introductory steps, maybe he’ll be ready for my cock.
Electric Anal Play

Friday May 27
Saturday May 28
Petal by Petal

Coming 05/28/2022

You’ve heard some fairy tales in your time, yes? I’m sure you’ve heard the tale of Snow White. A woman so enamored by temptation that it almost cost her her life. You might look at me as some kind of fairytale princess, but this is not the case. You see, you’re the one who falls so very easily into temptation. You desire the red, juicy flesh without any care as to the cost. While you are the princess in this tale, I am the evil queen. I will lead you into temptation and it will be your downfall. Except this time, there’s no prince to save you.
Petal by Petal

Sunday May 29
Stripper Seduction

Coming 05/29/2022

Now, many of you might not know this but, I used to be a stripper. That’s right. Before I ever was a dominatrix, I used to dance for men in Vegas. I made so much money, too. Being a stripper taught me some valuable rules about life. 1. Guys are so easy to tease. 2. If you tease them enough, they’ll give you anything. Now I’ve taken that to heart in my career as a Dominatrix. But occasionally, I like to put on a slinky dress and some too-high heels and really give the full stripper fantasy.
Stripper Seduction

Monday May 30
Tuesday May 31
Queen of the Fempire Part II

Coming 05/31/2022

As your god-Queen and world ruler, I expect my rules to be followed exactly. I was kind enough to pair you with your spouse to serve in my house. But now I see that kindness has only been repaid with disloyalty. You’ve conspired to what end? More food? Shirking your work? Unacceptable. If I were to let every sneaky little rat with a sweet tooth steal my food, what would I have to eat? What food would we have for our lavish banquets? You’re going to be punished for this insurrection. I am your god-Queen. This is my decree.
Queen of the Fempire Part II

Wednesday May 1
Thursday May 2
Friday May 3
Saturday May 4

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