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Cum Hungry Slut

Featuring Goddess Nyx and Iris Eclipse! It's time to have a little more fun with Goddess Nyx and her slutty little bitch Iris. We have Iris strapped down in my sensory depravation room, with a hood and mask on. I just happened to leave some really intense porn playing on the monitor so she just had to sit there and listen while we got ready. When we come in, she's already all worked up. We tease and prod her with our latex gloves, enjoying how the heightened sensations make her react. She's been such a good servant and plaything, we've decided to treat her with an amazing orgasm. However, she's going to have to eat whatever cum she produces and we make sure to let her know this. After so many hours of being teased and tormented, she'll do almost anything at this point to finally have a release. We're not going to make it quick however. We slowly and sensually tease her cock, tickling the head, squeezing the shaft and feeling just how much pressure there is stored up in there. She starts leaking and every time a little precum flows out we feed it to her. We make sure to really drag out the intense teasing, knowing she's getting closer and closer to the edge, until we finally make her produce a huge load for her to eat. She's going to just have to learn the taste of her own cum.
Cum Hungry Slut

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Wet For Anyone But You

I'm a very hard working Goddess, having to manage so many things at once. It's just go wonderful then that I have so many loves. However, lately all of them are either traveling or working so for the moment I'm stuck here and so very horny. What? Wait.. did you just suggest the idea that you could take care of my needs? Wow, that's hilarious, and and little bit cute. Do you even know how to please a real woman, let alone an incredibly experienced and demanding Goddess such as myself? Perish the thought. Let me just put all your wild fantasies to rest. Let me just explain a few facts to you about how and what turns women on, and then let me assure you that it's definitely not you. No, you have a snowball's chance in hell trying to please me letting alone getting me wet. You have the opposite effect on me, and all women, don't you? Well I'm definitely not fucking you, but honestly humiliating you is quite enjoyable, so I think you can still provide some use to me. Oh look, I just got a text from a lover. Looks like I will have a hot date tonight, so you should probably go and lock that dick away as an admission of how useless it is. You might not be able to please me, but you can definitely amuse me.
Wet For Anyone But You

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Never Cum Again

One of my very favorite things is savoring the slow and sensual process of destroying a man's balls. I love to see the desperation in their eyes as I methodically take over their body and push it to the edge. And you, my little pet are going to become my next work of art. First things first however, I have to restrain you to make sure you don't have and second thoughts. I'm going to show you every single on of my very effective straps, ties and mouth spreaders as I lock down each part of your body one by one. I expertly bind you down until you're completely at my mercy. How does that feel? You feel so secure don't you, yet so vulnerable. Especially with that cock and your balls just dangling in front of me, waiting for me to have my fun. Doesn't it feel so exhilarating, giving up so much control? Well, now it's time to show you my next favorite toy - my ball vice. I'm going to put your cock through this little hole, and then use the screw to ever so slowly but firmly flatten your balls. It's going to be so painful but you'll be so turned on, won't you? Do you think I'm actually going to let you cum though? No, I'm just going to tease you relentlessly as your nuts get flatter and flatter. I might just never let you cum again.
Never Cum Again

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Beg For My Ass

You know what I haven't heard you do in a while? I haven't heard you beg for me in a while. Not just lip service, I mean desperate, intense begging for me to tease and torment you. You know I just love to hear one of my submissives beg with every ounce of their soul to tease them, as if they were a fish out of water and the only way they could survive is through me dragging out and squeezing their desires until it drives them mad. So go ahead and show me just how good you are at begging me to tease you. Doesn't that feel good? You just love being at my completely mercy, don't you? Why don't you go ahead and send me a small tribute right now, just to punctuate your need. That's a good boy. Alright, you seem somewhat sincere, so I'm going to give you just a little tease of my ass. I know how much you love it, so get in nice and close as you admire my pantyhose and every curve of my luscious butt. Don't get too eager though, I'm going to need you to beg a little bit harder for it. Beg for my ass and tell me how much you need it. Maybe you can get a little closer with another tribute. You know this is how it works, how badly do you really want to worship my ass? My ass owns you, and the only way you can worship it is by begging and tributing harder.
Beg For My Ass

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