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Sunday October 26
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Locktober Begins

It’s that time of year! It’s Locktober, my little sluts. It’s the time of year where we lock your troublesome cock in a chastity cage. I’ll have little games and insidious assignments for you to partake in throughout the month. Some will be easy; some will be difficult. If you’ve never locked up your cock before, now is a perfect time to start. If you’re a seasoned cage bitch, then this is your time to shine. Pull out your favorite chastity cage and throw away the key. You’re not going to touch your cock for the next 30 days. This sweet, sweet chastity marathon is exactly the thing you need.
Locktober Begins

Sunday October 3
The Ultimate Experience

How long have you been serving me? How long have you been totally enraptured by me? I bet you lay awake at night imagining what it must be like to be my slave for real. To be in my presence, worshipping the actual ground I walk on would be an experience too powerful for words, don’t you think? I bet that idea frightens you a little bit. Don’t you worry. If you were ever able to come be in my direct care I’d start off gently. If you’re to be truly mine, you have to learn to interact with me in person. If you’re too overwhelmed by my power you won’t be able to do any tasks I lay before you. I can promise you one thing though. If you ever were to see me in person, it would be an unforgettable experience.
The Ultimate Experience

Monday October 4
Tuesday October 5
Wednesday October 6
Thursday October 7
Locking Lips with Dr Revel Belle

Featuring Dr Revel Bell! ((a)DrRevelBelle on Twitter) There’s some serious chemistry between Revel and I. The second we sit down together all we really want to do is start touching and kissing. It happens frequently off camera, but lucky for you, this time we happened to record our delicious makeout session. Her soft lips against mine and the warmth of her body is enough to send me into a frenzy. Jealous? Oh, you should be.
Locking Lips with Dr Revel Belle

Friday October 8
Saturday October 9
Divine Priestess : Indoctrination

Come now, my initiate, and sit before me. You’ve been feeling lost and untethered in your life, haven’t you? You sought me out, hoping to find some wisdom that would guide you. I am a High Priestess of the Goddess Lilith. She speaks through me and seeks to guide the unfortunate lost souls of the earth to a place of beauty and freedom. You want that freedom, don’t you? Well, freedom of the spirit must be earned through the sacrifice of the body. I’m going to take you to this place of bliss that Lilith has created for you and I. Forsake your nameless god and follow me into the realm of the Goddess. Here you will see the beauty Lilith has in store for you. Here you will make your sacrifice.
Divine Priestess : Indoctrination

Sunday October 10
Monday October 11
Tuesday October 12
Barefoot Humiliation Tasks

You’re such a little foot whore. You’d do just about anything for my feet. Well, I’ve got some ideas today. You’re going to gather a series of items for me: amyl nitrate, string, pantyhose, ice cubes, and a dildo. I’m going to walk you through a series of humiliating tasks one by one until I’m satisfied that you’ve fully debased yourself. If you want to worship my feet so badly, you’re going to have to earn the privilege.
Barefoot Humiliation Tasks

Wednesday October 13
Thursday October 14
Debate JOI Game

Are you stressed by the current political circus in the USA? Me too, honestly. So I figured I’d make up a little sipping and jerking game to go along with the Presidential debates. In fact, the really good about this game is that by the end of it, you’re not even going to remember the debate! You’re going to consume your favorite beverage and punish or stroke your cock. Your tasks will be totally dependent upon what two old white guys say on stage. Isn’t that fun? We’ve got to bring some macabre humor to this situation. So turn on one of the debates and let’s get to playing.
Debate JOI Game

Friday October 15
Saturday October 16
Divine Priestess : Sacrament

You’ve taken the dive deep into the realm of the Goddess. Now, you can see me as beauty incarnate, the way our Goddess Lilith intended. But if you want to live in this place with this beauty, you must make a sacrifice. I know you can feel her power coursing through you. A power that stems from your heart and travels down to your now engorged cock. Here in this place, you will prostrate yourself before the Goddess and give her your valuable seed. If you want to live with her priestesses, this sacrifice is demanded of you. But take care. Once you’ve given to Lilith, you can never give to any other woman or God unless she demands it. Take your time, initiate. Give your seed as a sacrament to our Goddess. Then lock your cock away until she deems it to be of use. Only then will your heart be with Lilith, and me, forever.
Divine Priestess : Sacrament

Sunday October 17
She Deserves Better

I know you’re already over there jerking. Seeing me in all this red latex makes you so fucking horny, doesn’t it? I know it does. I know how furiously you masturbate to all of my videos. Here’s a fun question: Does your wife know? Does she know that you jerk off to me, a woman you’ve never met, all the time? I bet she doesn’t. I also bet she deserves better than you. A real man would please and care for his wife. A real man wouldn’t prioritize his sexual needs and jerk off to some woman on the internet. You better take care of that wife of yours. Otherwise, I might just swoop in and take her for myself.
She Deserves Better

Monday October 18
Tuesday October 19
Cum Consumption Rules

How many times have you jerked off in your life? Hundreds? Thousands? Could you even try to count? I doubt it. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. The question that matters most is this one: How many times have you eaten your cum? That’s what I want you to do this time and every time from now on. Regardless of the sexual situation. If you’re jerking off to one of my videos, you’re going to eat your cum. If you’re just getting rid of some morning wood, I want you to eat your cum. I don’t care if you’ve just cum in someone’s ass or pussy. You’re going to get right down there and suck it out. It is a requirement of my slaves that they know the taste of their own cum intimately. You really don’t know yourself until you know how each and every load tastes.
Cum Consumption Rules

Wednesday October 20
Thursday October 21
Femme Fatale Agency

Yes, come in. I understand you’re interested in our services. Here at the Femme Fatale Agency, we provide men with a peaceful and pleasurable way for them to exit this cruel world with dignity. I just have a few contracts for you to sign and then I’ll send you on your way. Don’t worry about any of the difficult things like life insurance or wills. We handle all of that for you and we’ll be sure to tell your family you went out in a peaceful and dignified way. I’ve already prepared your injection. We all seek to have some sort of control in this world and we here at FFA want you to have control of the last thing you do in this world. After you’ve signed the paperwork, just lay down on this bed here. We’re going to make you extremely comfortable.
Femme Fatale Agency

Friday October 22
Saturday October 23
Damned Devotion: Sacred Rites

Coming 10/23/2021

EPILEPSY WARNING: Flashing Images/effects You’ve been so disillusioned with talks of gods and men. You’ve spent your entire life trying to live up to a standard created by a society built around a single book and a single man. You didn’t think to question this structure in your youth. How could you? As long as you lived your life in strict obedience to the system, you’d be fine. Eternal soul saved, right? But as you got older, you began to question everything. Why did this system restrict your freedoms? Why did the church make you feel so much shame for what was clearly so natural? Then you met her. She lived her life with absolute freedom. She took every day by the balls and didn’t let go until she had gotten everything she wanted out of it. She was kind to the gentle. She was unyielding to the rude and evil. She lived her life in a way you wish you could live yours. In a brief moment of courage, you approached her. You asked her how she lived this way without fear. She smiled at you and took your hand. “My Lord Lucifer has given me this freedom. As long as my life is my own and I do not hurt others, I can do as I please with it. I can chase all of life’s pleasures at my own will.” You sat and listened. You craved this freedom. But shame kept you locked away. She saw your sadness and offered to show you what life is like without shame and fear for your immortal soul. Fear gripped your heart as you knew, if she was wrong, you’d be damned forever. But if she was right, you’d be free. You followed her into the night.
Damned Devotion: Sacred Rites

Sunday October 24
Disgusting Slave

Coming 10/24/2021

So, how was your first day of being my slave? Was it everything you’d hoped it would be? I highly doubt it. I went through my lists of slave tasks and found you the grossest and humiliating ones I could find. See, so many of you boys think being my slave is just doing my chores and staring at my ass. No little slave. This is not the case. If you’re really going to dedicate yourself to me you must be willing to do the most disgusting, most humiliating things my sadistic mind can come up with. If you can’t manage that well, there’s the door.
Disgusting Slave

Monday October 25
Tuesday October 26
Stroke When You're Sad

Coming 10/26/2021

I know that it’s been a bit of a rough year. You’ve been feeling more sad than usual. This won’t last forever, you know. There are ways in which we can push aside those dark feelings and feel good again. One of those ways is paying special attention to your cock. It’s not a surefire cure for all sadness. But when a pick-me-up is required, all you really need is my voice and your hand. We can alleviate the sadness together. Give yourself an orgasm to help relieve the fog of sadness and anxiety.
Stroke When You're Sad

Wednesday October 27
Thursday October 28
Lesbian Love Spell

Coming 10/28/2021

Featuring @TheTabithaJane Are you ready for a little magic? Alexandra Snow and her fellow witch, Tabitha Jane, are two youthful spellcasters eager to test their skills. They’ve brewed up a potion and a spell to make any man fall madly in love with them. Love AND lust. They prepare all the ingredients: Rose for true love, quartz for loyalty, along with a few other additives. They say the magic words over their potion, and it pulses with light. After that, there’s nothing left to do but consume the potion. At first, it seems like nothing is happening. But after a few minutes, both witches become warm and giddy. They lose all thought of the men they were going to enchant and instead turn their eyes on each other. This love potion may have had some unintended, but erotic effects.
Lesbian Love Spell

Friday October 29
Saturday October 30
Damned Devotion: Invocation of Lust

Coming 10/30/2021

EPILEPSY WARNING: Flashing Images/effects You were searching for something free. You were searching for a life without fear or shame. That’s when you found her. She dismantled your upbringing in the church in a single night. She guided you into the arms of Lucifer and showed you true pleasure. Something about her made you not afraid for your immortal soul. You wanted to go deeper. You wanted to give in to Lucifer and live the life you always dreamed. There was a ritual. The Invocation of Lust. Lust is one of the ultimate free expressions we can share with another human. As long as consent is acquired, this pleasure can be endless. In lust, you can become closer to Lucifer. You can see the truth and reason spread out through the lies man creates to cage you. Like dew drops on a spider web, that connection to Lucifer makes you see what could trap you and was once invisible. You’re going to help her complete this ritual now. She will mount you and with her and your bodies together you will find a connection to Lucifer. You will be free. She removes her clothes and places herself on top of you. Your vision is so clear and crisp. You can almost see Lucifer there, with you, in this moment.
Damned Devotion: Invocation of Lust

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