I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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I offer the opportunity to serve and experience an authentically Dominant woman who shares your interests in BDSM. As a professional with more than a decade's experience, I have encountered an enormous variety of interests, kinks, fantasies, and desires. I assure you that no matter how "strange" you think you are, you are far from it. The majority of fantasies fall well into the normal realm of human desire and I have a great appreciation for them. I love to take those desires and create amazing experiences for both myself and the submissive. Because I value compatibility and chemistry first, please know that I will not be a suitable fit for all submissives. Keep reading to see if what I offer is a good fit for you.

Initial Interview

Before the session, we will conduct an initial consultation. I will review your application and discuss backgrounds and experiences. The interview allows us to make sure we are compatible and for you to ask any questions you may have. Most interviews are conducted immediately before your first session, but can can also be done partially over the phone prior to the appointment. The interview fee is $50. This covers the entire time it may take to talk frankly, and is conducted separately from your session time. The interview usually takes approximately 30 minutes, but can be more or less.

Q: When do I pay the interview fee?
A: Your membership/interview fee must be paid before the session can be confirmed. It can be paid online or offline and those instructions are provided during the scheduling process.

This $50 also grants you membership to my dungeon, Wicked Eden, which is a member’s only facility. This membership is a lifetime membership. We offer both online and offline methods for your convenience.

Sessions by the Hour

I offer sessions by the hour with half-hour increments (after the first hour), from 1 hour to all day. I am not a “clock watcher,” which is why I dislike shorter sessions. I find that is it very difficult to enjoy myself when I don’t have enough time to experience the scene fully. Depending on the length of the scene, I may incorporate a few or many of the interests listed here as best fits my mood that day.

Sessions in Columbus are conducted at Wicked Eden, my beautifully equipped playspace. The playspace is designed so that only one session is conducted at a time, meaning the entire 6-room facility is dedicated to you and only you during your time. We take privacy and discretion very seriously and want you to rest easy so you can focus on your play.

Q: How long is an average session?
A: The average session length with me in 3 hours. I recommend that all first-time appointments be a minimum of 2 hours.

Q: What are your tributes?
A: My tribute are as follows:

1.5 hours - $500
2 hours - $650
3 hours - $950
4 hours - $1200.

For sessions longer than 4 hours, inquire directly. For double sessions, the tributes vary.

Extended Sessions

I thoroughly enjoy having plenty of time to do as I like, whether it be half a day or a week. Due to my dungeon’s setup, I am able to do overnight and multiple-day sessions. Whether you want to taste the reality of serving a Goddess 24/7, or you have a intense fantasy to be acted out… I am always happy to indulge. Sessions are conducted at Wicked Eden, my beautifully equipped playspace. Extended sessions make use of multiple rooms and multiple environments as it fits the scene. This allows you to begin. for example, with a medical scenario and transition into a corporal scene, then move into a domestic scene without ever leaving the main playspace.

Q: How long of a session should I schedule?
A: Extended sessions are designed on a individual basis based on your budget and your goals. Contact me with your specific interests and we can discuss the options available.

Extended sessions will involve meals and sleeping arrangements (as befit the session dynamic). Extended sessions begin at $1200 for four hours and go up to 12 hours session plus overnight stay. Extended sessions may include social time and breaks as needed for meals.

Couples Sessions

I just love couples! I enjoy sessions where one or both parties wants to experience submission in a safe, clean, and supportive environment.

Whether it is training a wife to better dominate her husband, a submissive duo who wants to suffer in tandem, or an obedient girlfriend who longs to act out bisexual fantasies while her boyfriend watches.. the possibilities are endless. I specialize in providing mentoring to either party who wishes to learn specific skills or scenarios in a low-stress environment.

Couples sessions follow the same appointment guidelines as solo sessions, but both parties must pay separate interview/membership fees. The initial interview is typically conducted together, but with two people, takes approximately one hour.

Couples sessions are always a minimum of 2 hours, but longer is always recommended due to the dynamics of multiple people in session.

Abandonment / Alone Time

Do you have a desire to experience bondage, caging, or captivity where you are left to struggle or enjoy the predicament at hand?

For those that long to be bound, caged, or closeted, then abandoned, there is a special, lesser tribute for the period of abandonment. Normal session tributes apply for the balance of the session. The abandonment tribute is $150/hour and can be done in half hour increments. I always remain present in the facility for your safety

Q: What is the average length of abandonment?
A: For sensory deprivation or immobilization bondage, the average amount is one hour. This can be broken up into pieces throughout the session.

A typical abandonment session involves one or more hours of session time, followed by a period of abandonment, then ending with one or more hours of additional session time. Sessions must be 2 hours or greater in length to add abandonment time.

Social Time

Do you wish to accompany me to dinner? Perhaps you’d like wait on me hand and foot while I shop? Wish to rub my feet while I watch a movie? Or even attend parties and events? I enjoy being accompanied by my pets public while they bask in the privilege of being seen with a beautiful Goddess.
Slaves in my good graces may request social time. There is a minimum 1.5 hours social time in addition to a session, or a minimum of 4 hours without.

My social tribute is $150 per hour. Social engagements are arranged on an individual basis.

Ready to schedule?

Email me directly at alex@alexandrasnow.com with your desired length of session, full availability, interests, and way to contact you.