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Wrapped and Subjected to My Ass

Added: 08/16/2018

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Agent 38051 is in so very much trouble. After being seduced by another Agent and being only allowed to breathe in her farts, he's forgotten all of his training. He's allowed himself to be wrapped and taken prisoner to this beautiful Agent. Through a mixture of gas and face sitting, she's deprived his brain of enough oxygen that he'll do whatever she pleases. She can even lock him in a scissor hold with her powerful thighs with almost no resistance. Unfortunately for Agent 38051, he's lost all scope of the mission and where the chip is. After a final scissor hold, she may have to just dispose of him since he no longer has the information she requires. He's no longer a spy or a man. She's turned him into nothing more than a chair to be sat upon.

Categories: Bondage, Farting, Female Domination, Roleplay Scenarios, Scissorholds

Wrapped and Subjected to My Ass