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Wasted on Masturbation

Added: 07/25/2018

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I am constantly amazed at the amount of power you lowly masturbation addicts think you have. You think just because you have a dick and a wallet that you can demand me at any time, any place, doing whatever you want. The reality is: I don't give two shits about your dick or your wallet. Yeah you might be able to get other girls on the internet to jump for a little bit of cash, but that's just business honey. You have no control there. There are a million other men with money who are willing to pay to see women naked. What would you even do if you saw me or another beautiful, dominant woman in the real world? Your tiny scared penis would probably shrivel up in sheer fear and anxiety. Your only facade of power is handing me money over the internet just so I can tell you how pathetic you are. Do you realize how fucked up that is? Do you realize how much of your imaginary power is a lie? I bet the entire time I'm telling you this you'll just be jerking away not listening to a word I say. You're nothing but a vapid masturbation addict and your life is wasted in being one.

Categories: Femdom POV, Verbal Humiliation

Wasted on Masturbation