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Ultimatum JOI Game

Added: 04/24/2018

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Today we're going to play a very dangerous game. Get your cock out and start jerking. You're going to follow all of my instructions as to how and when you'll touch yourself. If you cum before the video ends, you'll go into chastity. This seems like a gamble or a test of will but it's really not. You're going to cum for me. You know your cock can't handle my glorious visage without spurting. So you'll go into chastity for sure. How do you get out? I'm sure I can think of something. A thousand dollars seems like a good price for the freedom of your cock. Can't afford it? Well I'm just going to have to torture your trapped cock forever. Without payment, there is no escape. As I begin to pull up my dress, the game has already been lost.

Categories: Chastity, Financial Domination, Masturbation Instrcutions, Masturbation Instruction, Tease & Denial

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Ultimatum JOI Game