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Therapist to Mistress - Daily Post-Trance Suggestions

Added: 04/01/2017

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Continuing the Therapist to Mistress series-- this is for those who desire more regular control in the form of post-trance suggestions. Your therapist begins as usual, giving you time to relax and go under for her. You obey easily and begin to slide beneath the conciousness. Once you are in your comfortable, malleable place, she begins to imprint new protocols for you. These protocols are specific and intended for the daily reminders of your service to her. One after another, she programs you for slavery to her in thought and action. You obey because you have been thoroughly conditioned to. When you awake, you are ready for the first of many new commands.

Categories: Assignments, Mental Domination, Mesmerize , Submissive/Slave Training, Therapist

Therapist to Mistress - Daily Post-Trance Suggestions