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Strange Planet

Added: 07/14/2018

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You and your crew of astronauts have crash landed on an alien planet. What was a simple distress call mission has now turned dangerous. Luckily, out of the wreck and rubble of your ship, a beautiful woman has come to rescue you. She seems real enough on this alien planet. But soon you find out that the distress signal that led you to this planet wasn't a distress signal at all. It was your siren song. Now that you're injured and helpless you are going to do a lot more than data collection. With her beautiful body, this almost divine creature is going to keep you and all of your human companions for breeding. The men on her planet are all sterile and she needs the genetic material of other life forms to continue life on her planet. So you're going to be her little cum dispenser. You fall deep into a trance watching her alien body writhe and move. This space trip will be way more than you bargained for.

Categories: Female Supremacy, Tease & Denial

Strange Planet