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Sleep for Me Trance

Added: 07/21/2018

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There's a place you go when you go down for me. There's a blissful, warm bed of relaxation and sensual arousal that you crawl into whenever you hear my voice. Just listening to the soft tones of my beautiful voice takes you down so readily and peacefully. You've cultivated this response over hours and hours of watching my videos, because you know this is the safest place in your world. You would reside in this place forever if you could. You would spend your life stroking for me and resting and dreaming. Stroking and resting and dreaming. If only your life could be this way forever. Unfortunately, you'll have to wake soon. But in the meantime, let me calm your mind and arouse your body.

Categories: Mental Domination, Sensual Domination

Sleep for Me Trance