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Simplified Slave Training #2

Added: 06/30/2018

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This is the second part in my Simplified Slave Training series. If you have not completed week one, go back and complete that before moving forward in my program. You've been a good slut this week haven't you? You've been jerking twice a day and saving every drop of every load of cum. Well now all of your saving and hard work is going to be rewarded. Now you're going to eat all of the cum you've so diligently saved. I know normally this would be a disgusting task for you, but today will be different. You're going to go down for me. While you're surrendering yourself to my power I'm going to change how cum tastes. Every bite you take will taste like sweet, creamy ice cream. You're going to stroke and eat for me like a good boy until every last bite is gone. When you awake, your entire outlook on cum will be totally changed. Then, you'll begin saving your cum again for next week's training.

Categories: Cum Eating Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, Mental Domination, Mesmerize

Simplified Slave Training #2