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Selling Your Testicles

Added: 11/09/2014

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This video is BRILLIANT and diabolical! I know you're here for a physical, but we have a little problem. You see, you haven't been able to pay your bills here for almost a year and I'm afraid I can't keep treating you. I understand that you need this physical for this new job but I can't just keep wasting my time. You want to work something out? Like what? Entertain me? That's too funny. Actually, there is something. My friend is a research doctor and she's been having problems getting fresh organs for research. She's buying them for top dollar. It's nothing critical, just testicles. I could take care of it for you and then do your physical. I'll just take one of them. You're desperate and you don't need both of them, do you? That's what I thought. Now, you'll need to empty your balls first to make the removal easier. Go ahead and stroke. I'll give you plenty to stroke to.. and as soon as you orgasm, I'll give you the anesthetic. Of course, I don't give you enough to really knock you out completely. When you come to, the world is spinning. I tell you that you can't feel a thing and can't move a muscle. You moan and groan but can't do anything to stop me as I gleefully inform you that you don't need either one of your balls.. it's better if I just take both.

Categories: Medical Fetish

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Selling Your Testicles