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Recycled Human

Added: 09/22/2018

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You wake up and everything feels hazy. You're in pain in weird places and you don't recognize the room you're in. A few seconds of adjustment and you realize you're in a hospital. A beautiful woman is sitting across from you speaking low and soft, trying not to frighten you. It seems you were in an accident two years ago and have been in and out of a coma ever since. Nobody knows who you are. You don't know who you are. So your doctors have brought in an expert on hypn0sis in order to free your memories. She talks sweetly to you and gently lowers your walls and you drift into trance. As she's speaking though, you notice her voice shifts. Suddenly she's not speaking of regaining your memories. She wants you to forget them. She wants you to forget all of your life before the coma in order to embrace a new life of servitude. You will serve her. She will be your Goddess. When you wake again, there will be nothing left of your life before her.

Categories: Medical Fetish, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck

Recycled Human