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Psychology of Love

Added: 04/27/2018

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Love is a complicated notion. Love is a combination of chemical signals and intense fantasy. With this definition in mind it's easy to say you love me. You receive physical and emotional sensations whenever you hear my voice or see my body. But this is not love. Love requires a sense of reciprocation. What you are is infatuated. You're infatuated with the fantasy that I would ever reciprocate your feelings. Your passion and sexuality all revolve around me and you get little to no interaction from me. Isn't that strange? Isn't that a strange thing that masturbating does to your brain? You cum for me enough times and you fall helplessly into a deep infatuation that will never ever be returned. Yet, here you are.

Categories: Love Addiction, Mindfuck, Sensual Domination

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Psychology of Love