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Poppers Intox Mindfuck

Added: 06/16/2018

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You seem to be under the delusion that your stroking habits don't have consequences. You buy my videos all the time to get yourself off, but do you really pay tribute? I didn't think so. Today we're going to do some positive reinforcement training with poppers, alcohol and at the end, an orgasm. You're going to drink, sniff and stroke all while paying me tribute. If we do this enough times, you'll begin to associate the rush of poppers with sending me money. See, this is how a jerk junkie elevates himself to a real slave. So go ahead. Get your alcohol of choice, your credit card, and your poppers ready. We're going to have some fun.

Categories: Drinking, Financial Domination, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck

Poppers Intox Mindfuck