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Milked Before My Date

Added: 08/12/2018

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I've bound and lubed my lowly cuckold husband on my usual date night. His cock is mine and ready for the milking. You see, he doesn't actually get to fuck me or get to orgasm at all without my permission. If I let him cum whenever he wanted, he would just never stop jerking. This is why tonight he's going to get milked while I tell him all about the date I'm going to have tonight. I'm going to describe in great detail the possibilities of my latest tryst. He'll hear all about me fucking some guy in the bathroom of a restaurant. Maybe it'll be some cute college girl who will become intimately familiar with a place he's no longer ever allowed to visit. When he's cum finally, to keep him humble, I'm going to make him eat his cum for dinner. Once he's done, I'm going out with someone who actually deserves my pussy.

Categories: Bondage, Cuckolding, Female Domination, Handjobs

Milked Before My Date