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JOI Game #1 - Diabolical Countdown

Added: 01/01/2019

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I'm really in the mood for games today. I think they're a good way to really cement how much control I have over your cock. Today is going to be a little cum by numbers game. You're going to get that slutty cock of yours all worked up for me. You're going to stroke and stroke until you're right at the edge. Then I'm going to start a countdown. When I reach 1, you'll have 10 seconds to cum. Seems easy right? Only, I might not reach it to 1 every time. I may only get a couple of numbers in before I get bored and stop only to start the countdown over. But you're only allowed to cum when I instruct. So don't work yourself to cumming before I hit that magic number. Ready? Let's get started.

Categories: Femdom POV, JOI Games, Masturbation Instruction

JOI Game #1 - Diabolical Countdown