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Insidious Control Trance

Added: 04/22/2017

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The most effective method of mind control is the one that the subject never really sees coming. He thinks he's watching something that is "normal" and soon begins to lose himself in the typical cadence of the program. Soon he feels his mind begin to wander for no apparent reason, feeling himself drift off into a soft place in his mind. Then the messages begin to arrive, but he's not paying any attention to them.. but his subconcious devours each one with an eager hunger. It wants to be controlled, it doesn't want to think, to be complicated. Within minutes, the assault has reached critical levels and it was terribly easy. But it's always easy to control a mind like yours..

Categories: Mental Domination, Mesmerize , Mind Fuck, Sensual Domination

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Insidious Control Trance