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In Awe of My Breasts

Added: 04/29/2014

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I know how my enormous tits make you stroke compulsively, frantically. You are completely fixated on my gorgeous breasts! You try to imagine what it would feel like to touch them, to bury your face in my cleavage, to have your cock in my delicious cleavage. Ha! That would never happen, my tits are far too lovely for the likes of you. You know it's a privilege just to watch them on your computer screen, but yet you can't help yourself. The slower I tease you, sensually unbutton my shirt and stroking my amazing chest, the closer you get to blowing your load and the more obsessed you become. What a vicious circle! I take such pleasure in teasing and tormenting you with the world's most perfect breasts.

Categories: Tit Worship

In Awe of My Breasts