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Imagine Yourself Here

Added: 06/17/2018

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There's something especially satisfying about planting a slave's face beneath my ass and putting my weight down on him. I love facesitting. It puts me in the ultimate dominant position and you in the most submissive. I control your breath, your movement, your pleasure and your discomfort. I can either put all of my weight down and stop your breath or gently put pressure down, letting you breathe in the scent of my ass and pussy. You love being here too. You love the weight of my ass on your cheeks and I press down. You love my sweat soaked panties as they glide over your nose when I move. You love it so much; you'll beg to be my seat each and every day.

Categories: Ass Smothering, Ass Worship, Face Sitting, Femdom POV

Imagine Yourself Here