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High Priestess II - Monastery Takeover

Added: 05/20/2015

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Fan idea that turned in to one of the BEST clips I've ever shot. Wait and see what I did with this idea... "The clip begins with a very beautiful woman (Alexandra Snow) dressed as a nun. She thanks the monks of the monastery for gathering in this room to hear what she has to say. "I realise that many of you were skeptic of how quickly and effortlessly I rose in the ranks of the monastery, and how the archbishop allowed me to make sermons, even though a woman isn't normally allowed to do so. And you are also wondering why he gave me his room while he now stays in the barn. But before I begin, let us make ourselves more comfortable ..." The Nun begins to light a few candles (with the insidious incense that combined with her beauty can break any man's will), then continues to address her soon-to-be subjects. She begins to note how praiseworthy all these monks are, how hard it is to keep on God's path, when he shows so few signs of his power or existence. After a while, she begins to note that the monks look sweaty and dizzy, and suggests they all disrobe in order to be more comfortable. She disrobes too (and beneath the nun's robe she is wearing her Priestess outfit). "There is another path, however, my sweet, misguided little monks. The way of Goddess Lilith, the only true Goddess in this earth." The Priestess seductively brainwashes the monks (a process that takes a few minutes), and makes them her stroking minions. While they stroke and stroke, the Priestess says that aside from their seed, they also need to relinguish their properties and belongings, and offer them all to the Priestess (she knows the monks have gold objects of great value). After the orgasm, the Priestess says that all of the monks from now on will be staying in the barn, along with the animals of the monastery. She also says that they must work to renovate the monastery and turn it into a temple for the worship of Lilith. Finally, she says that they will melt all the gold statues and chalices and crosses of the monastery and mold them into a golden throne for her to sit on. Finally, she orders them to swallow their cum in order to show their gratitude to the Priestess for turning them into jerking off slaves."

Categories: Goddess Worship

High Priestess II - Monastery Takeover