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Heavy Nylon Facesit

Added: 05/31/2015

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Real life sessions! My slave is completely immobilized with his cock and balls exposed and head just at the right height to be my chair. I begin with some chest-sitting as I place steel chopsticks on his cock and balls, stretching and toying with them. I then move to teasing him with my scent through the sikly black patterned nylons I'm wearing. He strains against the bondage in arousal, but I continue to torment his cock. Finally, I sit heavily on his face-- forward and backward-- taking my time and listening to him moan and pant beneath me. He can only get a little air at a time, just enough that I don't have to sit up. When I finally believe him grateful for the close proximity of my ass and pussy, I use the hitachi on his cock as a reward. He thrashes and gasps for breath as I sit heavier and heavier on his face. This was an extremely fun clip and it's obvious by my laughter throughout.

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Heavy Nylon Facesit