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Glossy and Irresistible

Added: 07/10/2018

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You're such a slut for latex. All I have to do is grease myself up and slide into latex and you're hard as a rock. It doesn't seem to matter what I put on as long as it's glossy, tight and hugs my every curve. I can see it now; you're already drooling and jerking. Just watching me move is enough to get you stroking like a madman. You need this. You need to stroke for me, you have no control over it. All you can do is stroke and imagine your cock against this slick, tight latex dress. It's going to take everything in you not to burst in the first few seconds. I know how to exploit these fetishes of yours. I know how much you need it.

Categories: Femdom POV, Latex, Tease & Denial

Glossy and Irresistible