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Fanaa - Destruction of the Self

Added: 04/15/2015

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Fanaa is the Sufi term for "dissolution" or "annihilation" of the self. It means to dissolve the ego self, while remaining physically alive." I found this term to be so appropriate for the journey a slave must undertake. He must destroy his sense of self, make himself a vessel for obedience and worship, to fully commit and surrender to his Goddess. I understand this and urge you along this path if you truly wish to belong to me. To be a slave is to have no sense of self, only a sense of servitude. Your needs do not matter, your desires do not matter. Only your submission matters. I will teach you obedience by teaching you how to seperate your need to be a slave from your worldly desires.

Categories: Goddess Worship

Fanaa - Destruction of the Self