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Extreme Hogtie

Added: 07/06/2017

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Definitely the most extreme hogtie I've done yet! I have my slave facedown with his arms in a secure box tie, feet tied to his hands. I secure his head so that he can barely move a muscle. I then pull his balls behind him and secure them in the humbler. If this wasn't enough, I decide to attach rope to the humbler and pull it further via a spreader bar above. The weight and pressure on the slave's balls is immense and the position is grueling, so he is crying throughout. I continue to torment him by stepping on his balls, putting more pressure, tying them tighter, and laughing at his predicament. Can I make it hurt even more? Let's see..

Categories: Bondage, Female Domination, Prostate Massage, Trampling

Extreme Hogtie