I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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Experiential Loss of Control

Added: 02/17/2018

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You've been progressing in my program quite nicely, havent you? You spend your days and your money jerking for me whenever I command. But I want to take it to the next level. I want to fill you with a light that will never leave you. I want this light to fill you from toes to head and make you feel sensations you've never felt before. I'll give you this light forever, as long as you continue to obey me. This is yours as long as you continue to be a good, obedient, productive boy for me. This light is mine, and I will fill you up forever.

Categories: Mental Domination, Sensual Domination

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Experiential Loss of Control