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Electro Slave: Full Version

Added: 08/26/2018

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This is the full combined clip of Parts 1 and 2 of my Electro Slave series. The release of the full clip in one really pulls the entire session together. The bondage builds up to an electric explosion you're sure to feel in your own cock. I have such a love for bondage. I love to tie a man up and leave him helpless while I do whatever pleases me. I have a slave here who is destined to experience my love for bondage. Watch him squirm and shiver as each length of rope secures his limbs to his body. His cock starts to harden with each new knot I tie to prevent his movement or escape. He has surrendered total control to me. Now that I've tied up my helpless slave, there's nothing left for me to do but torture his cock and balls. He's not only subjected to not only urethral sounds, but also electricity. I go ahead bind his balls so they're nice and confined. Then I begin subjecting his little pee hole to my electricity. His loud moans tell me how sensitive he is down inside of his cock, and it only encourages me to go deeper with more electricity. His body squirms and shakes and moves while I'm fucking his urethra with the electrified instrument. He's bound to the table so there's no mistake, no matter how stimulating it gets. His mixed moans of pain and pleasure tell me he's close. Let's see if a man can spurt when his cock is being shocked into orgasm.

Categories: Bondage, CBT, Female Domination

Electro Slave: Full Version