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Earth Girls are Sluts

Added: 05/04/2017

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Starring the talented Kelle Martina! As one of a superior race of beings, I've been studying humans for some time. Their sexuality fascinates me so I will be upgrading my studies. I choose a specimen that is already highly sexed and transport her to my ship. She is shocked and frightened, but when her force-field is filled with arousal-inducing gas, her horniness begins to override her fear. I freeze her in place and make her listen as I explain the process of my new probe. I will insert it into her vaginal cavity where it will test the temperature, moisture, muscle flextions, and any penetrations. It will also continue to emit a steady supply of hormones that will keep her in need of sexual relief. As I insert the probe, she begins to moan loudly.. indicating the device is working. I make her masturbate to ensure full effect, but even after her orgasm she wants more. I beam her back to earth and begin to track the results.. this little creature should give me much more data than the others..

Categories: Erotic Magic, Latex, Lesbian Domination, Supernatural

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Earth Girls are Sluts