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Drink Deep Love Spell

Added: 08/25/2018

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Why hello there. Come in and take a seat. I know why you've come today. My reputation for manipulating the mystical arts spreads far and wide. Just looking at you I can see what you need: a love potion. Yes, a love potion will make you irresistible to the beauty of your choice. You'll go from your former lackluster self into a desirable human. Just drink my potion and you'll feel the magic flow into your body. You'll feel the blood rush to your cheeks and to your cock. No, don't worry. It's a perfectly normal reaction. I can see your breathing is getting heavier. Here, let me help you relieve that pressure. Magic is a delicate art after all.

Categories: Erotic Magic, Tease & Denial

Drink Deep Love Spell