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Deep Prostate Trance II

Added: 05/27/2017

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Fan request as a follow-up to <>. "This clip continues your slave training with prostate stimulation as a trance deepener. Like the previous clip, it also uses a deep eye gaze in tandem with a focus on your deep soft cleavage to bind your slaves to your instruction as you beckon my prostate with small ?come to me? strokes. This clip has a slightly harder edge and you withhold the gratification a bit at the beginning and make your slave beg to be put under by your eye gaze and finger snaps. Throughout the clip you prompt me to ask you, beg you to put me farther under with more finger snaps, and once you?re sure I?m helpless in my desire to go deeper, you oblige and finger snap me deeper and deeper, as your soft, relentless prostate stimulation overpowers any resistance." The scene is set with me (Goddess Alexandra) directly in front of you while you are reclined such that I can reach your private parts easily. I start by asking if what happened last time was pleasurable for you. I ask do you want it again? Do you want to surrender your control and go down for me? Then prove it. Take off your pants and show me that your cock is hard and drooling to be put under. When it?s hard enough that I know you are deserving, maybe I?ll stare you down into trance for me. Once you?re down and out for me maybe I?ll awaken your prostate to increase your submission, if you?re a good boy. But you?ll have to ask me, beg me for what you crave. Are you sure you want to surrender to the Goddess? There is no turning back once I?ve started."

Categories: Anal Masturbation, Mental Domination, Mesmerize , Prostate Massage

Deep Prostate Trance II