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Cum on Command

Added: 09/25/2018

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Being able to cum instantly on command is a learned skill, but a vital one. If you truly want to submit to me, body and mind, then you need to condition yourself to cum at my command instantly. To train your cock to spurt with just a word takes time and proper conditioning. Today we're going to start that conditioning. You're going to follow all of my instructions to the letter and edge as many times as I say to. You will finally cum if and only if you can do it precisely on my command. There's a lot of concentration required here so I'm going to need you to focus on my beautiful body as you climb higher and higher to orgasm. If you can't do it the first time, then try try again.

Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Orgasm Control, Submissive/Slave Training

Cum on Command