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Control Fetish

Added: 07/11/2018

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I know that fantasize about living with me and being my slave. I know you fantasize about wearing my collar and being owned by me. But this is just a fantasy. You think that being my slave means that you get to serve me and in return I'll grant you all of your fetishes in beautiful female form. But in all of your fantasizing I bet you've never thought to consider what my fantasy is. It's control. I love being able to crawl inside of your mind and pull on your deepest desires and use them to benefit me. I want to be able to make your entire existence about serving me. I want to make you forget your own fetishes like you never had them at all. The only desire you've ever had is to make sure you're benefiting me. That's what I want: Utter and complete control over all of you. You're never going to fuck me, so servicing me with your money and your time are really the only ways you can give me pleasure.

Categories: Femdom POV, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck, Submissive/Slave Training

Control Fetish