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Added: 05/02/2017

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When you were assigned a project with a very hot colleague, you knew this would be a perfect opportunity to get her in bed. After a business dinner and a bottle of wine, you convince her to leave the restaurant and continue discussing the project at her place.. but when you put the moves on her, she's not receptive. In desperation, you try to blackmail her by telling her that she'll lose her job if you tell your best friend-- her boss-- that she's not trustworthy. Your colleague is upset but says she doesn't want to lose her job, so she doesn't have a choice.. and adjusts the light in her room. She invites you onto the bed and begins to unbutton her blouse as you take down your pants. As soon as your erection is bobbing in the air, she laughs and points at the security camera! What an idiot! She tells you that you can either jerk off all over yourself and have to walk home covered in your own spunk, or she'll take the tape to the police. What's it going to be? Humiliation or pressing charges?

Categories: Blackmail Fantasy, Mind Fuck

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