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Chained Beneath the Toilet

Added: 08/29/2018

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You were so desperate for a slave position at my dungeon that you said you'd take any position available. Too bad for you, the only position available was shit eater. Honestly you should be thanking me. At least as the dungeon toilet your life has some purpose now. You made me save a bunch of money on plumbing costs to have a real toilet installed. You're much cheaper. All I had to do was chain your collar right up under the bowl and you're ready to go! Now it won't just be my excrement you'll be consuming. Whoever walks into my dungeon will have full use of you. This is your life now. You're just garbage disposal for human waste. It seemed only appropriate since you're basically entirely human waste anyways.

Categories: Ass Worship, Femdom POV, Toilet Humiliation

Chained Beneath the Toilet