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Bratty Neighbor vs Loser

Added: 06/27/2018

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Oh, hey there. Don't worry; you don't have to be so shy around me. We've known each other a long time, haven't we? We've been neighbors since we were kids. Well, it's clear that we're not kids anymore. I see you over there in your window looking into mine. I can see you up there jerking off when you watch me undress in my room. I know guys your age do that sort of thing. I'm not stupid. I can see it right now. You're sporting a boner in those terrible khakis. You're such a nerd you can't even say anything to me. I bet if I tease you for even a few minutes you'll explode without ever even getting it out of your pants. You're lucky, I'm bored, so I'm gonna do just that. It's so fun teasing your virgin dick. I think I'm gonna keep coming over again and again just to watch you make that stupid face when you jizz in your pants.

Categories: Brat Girls, Humiliation, Tease & Denial, Verbal Humiliation

Bratty Neighbor vs Loser