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An Ancient Power

Added: 05/01/2016

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You are a renown archeologist that has uncovered a totally new artifact-- a book. You bring it back to your study with excitement! Full of strange writings, the book pulses with power in your hands. You know you shouldn't read the book, but your scholar's curiousity gets the best of you and you begin the translation.

"She is the Creator, the Well of the World. She is the Divine Goddess, from whom all power flows. And all mankind shall worship her." Soon, your office begins to fill with a cool mist and echoed words, the air vibrating with power. As a shape materializes, her voice rolls over your ears, "Do you know who I am? I am the most ancient of powers.. and you have summoned me." She explains that she has been at rest for quite a while, but she is unhappy with this new world. They no longer worship the female Divine.. instead there is a male God in her place! She decides that she will correct this by re-establishing her religion-- using you as her head priest. The longer she stays materialized, the more her power grows and the more your brain loses all sense of anything that came before her. Soon she begins to transform, shedding the mortal flesh... ...and her power burns white-hot into your mind.

Categories: Goddess Worship

An Ancient Power