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Abducted and Sold by Goddesses Alexandra and Kyaa, Part 1

Added: 07/19/2015

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You were just easy prey for these two man-eating beauties, weren't you? You really should've considered why two gorgeous women would buy YOU a glass in Vegas when it was obvious they were in high demand. They seemed a little too interested in you until everything went dark.. When you woke up, groggy and aching, you found yourself awakened by the opening of a door to a dark closet. The two women before you, so flirtatious before, are now informing you that you will be trained and sold as a slave. They know that no one will miss you. They know that no one will even know you're gone. You start to get a little excited at the idea that you could be one of these women's slaves! But that arousal dies when they inform you that you're just a piece of meat to them and that you will be brainwashed, trained, and broken down before you are sold to the highest bidder. Then they inform you that you will be starved and locked away until you repeat your new mantra over and over. They might beat you, kick you, or just forget about you altogether. They don't want to see anything other than total obedience in your eyes and will do anything to get it.

Categories: Double Domination

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Abducted and Sold by Goddesses Alexandra and Kyaa, Part 1