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A Heart So Cold

Added: 02/18/2015

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Yet another amazing supernatural video that was several months in the making, including the headdress that I created myself. A totally new spin on the original Snow Queen clip.

You are the ruler of a prosperous and wealty kingdom that has only ever known joy.. until your wife's untimely passing. Not more than a few hours later, you are walking outside the castle gate and spot a cloaked woman. Although you feel an uneasy dread, you feel drawn to this hooded woman and offer her refuge inside. The closer she draws to you, the more you forget your wife and your kingdom. Everything begins to fall away as she lowers her hood... and you struck by her beauty like a tidal wave. As she reaches out to touch you, you find your cock stirring with an arousal that you've never felt before. Her voice cuts through the spell, "Do you desire me, your Highness? So soon after your wife's tragedy? Allow me to console you.." Her touch is so cold that it burns and you find that you cannot pull away. The harder and harder your cock becomes, the more she seems to be draining from you. "Your very life, your right to rule, will be mine. I will be Queen and all you have will belong to me." As your orgasm explodes, her power peaks and this woman becomes a terrible creature indeed...

Categories: Erotic Magic

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A Heart So Cold