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Mesmerizing: Into My Temple

Added: 03/02/2013

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With so much positive feedback about "Completely My Slave," I decide to create another very physical sensation mesmerizing training exercise. I begin with a relaxed induction and steady deepeners, progressing into a visualization fantasy of entering my holy temple. Slowly, I begin to imprint you with deep obedience conditioning designed to cultivate deep sexual devotion each and every time you view or think of my beautiful body, specifically my legs and breasts. Inside this sacred temple, you are my devoted and obedient subject and you will watch with aroused helplessness as I use my body to ensnare and captivate your will and imagination. This deep conditioning is designed to dramatically affect your sexual arousal. After training with this session, you will find yourself completely unable to resist the commands of your Goddess anytime you think about or look at my breasts. New binaural tones used for deeper effect; suggested usage is at least once a day to achieve proper conditioning.

Categories: Femdom POV, Goddess Worship, Mesmerize

Mesmerizing: Into My Temple