I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are ALL of your videos from your clip stores available here?

    Yes, every single video I publish to my clip stores is published here, with one exception: there is a one year delay. This means that you will receive a new update Monday - Saturday, but it will be the release from last year on my clip store. So you will always have access to every single video as long as you are a member AND if you can't wait, you can purchase my most recent videos on Clips4Sale, Kinkbomb, etc. This keeps things fair for those who want to watch ALL of my videos and those who only want to own specific ones. The videos found here will never disappear, so the number of videos that you will enjoy will only continue to grow.

  • Do you really produce all of your own content?

    Yes! While I do have a very talented video editor (See @NaomiDresdon on Twitter, she's real!) that helps to share the load, everything else is mine. I write my own scripts based on my own ideas or fan suggestions, style myself for each shoot, do all my own lighting and filming, write the descriptions, and publish them when they are done. This keeps my content authentic and a bit gritty, because I want you to always feel the experience is genuine.

  • What is CardBilling? Is it safe for me to use my credit card?

    CardBilling is a new offering from Verotel, one of the largest and most trusted billing services available. CardBilling runs a 24x7 support center and website, allowing end-users to cancel their subscriptions and obtain information about their transaction. I trust them with MY MONEY and MY INDENTITY, so it stands to reason that you can as well.

  • I have a question about my membership...

    If you have a billing question, lost your password, want to cancel or change your membership, just go here: https://www.vtsup.com/en/start

  • What if I don't want to use my credit card?

    If you'd like to discreetly use cash for your purchase, you simply need to purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard for a 3-month or 1-year membership. You can purchase these cards with cash at most stores that sell prepaid gift and phone cards. If you would like to use a money order, we accept only one year membership fees in this method. Email support@fetishmedia.com for full instructions.

  • Why is there a limit to the number of videos I can watch? Why can't I download the videos?

    Two reasons: bandwidth is very expensive and the internet is full of pirates who like to rip off producers like me. My videos are very, very high quality HD and the files are large, so my site has sophisticated streaming software much like Netflix that automatically adjusts to give you the best quality for your internet speed. This means that you'll always have the best viewing experience regardless of your connection. If you want to download and own my videos on your computer, you'll need to purchase them from my clip store. After all, you're getting an exceptional deal for monthly access.. you can't have it all!