I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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Transformation Fantasies

Boyfriend Regression

Added 2017-12-19

The New Diet Secret

Added 2017-10-15


Added 2017-03-14

Life As My Chair

Added 2016-09-01

Crushed By Cleavage

Added 2016-03-28


Added 2014-12-12

Stronger and Taller

Added 2014-07-30

Nerd to Babe

Added 2013-10-15

So Near to My Skin

Added 2013-09-09

Remote-Controlled Boy

Added 2013-08-22

Magic Potion Cock Shrink

Added 2013-02-04