I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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Tease & Denial

Lose Your Virginity For Me

Added 2018-09-30

How Much Can You Take?

Added 2018-09-26

Own Your Inferiority

Added 2018-09-19

100 Days in the Cage

Added 2018-09-13

Chastity Dictator

Added 2018-09-05

Closer to My Stockings

Added 2018-09-02

Drink Deep Love Spell

Added 2018-08-25

How Strong Are You?

Added 2018-08-21

Birthday Worship 2017

Added 2018-08-19

Dinner Date Prep

Added 2018-08-05

True Devotion Tit Worship

Added 2018-08-04

Exquisite Tease

Added 2018-07-15

Strange Planet

Added 2018-07-14

Glossy and Irresistible

Added 2018-07-10

Bratty Neighbor vs Loser

Added 2018-06-27

Necessary Control

Added 2018-06-26

Straying From Camp

Added 2018-06-19

Travel Slave

Added 2018-06-14

Obedience is Happiness

Added 2018-06-13

Tranny Dick Training

Added 2018-06-12

Leggy Mistress

Added 2018-05-30

Power of Suggestion Trance

Added 2018-05-26

White Bikini Tease

Added 2018-05-22