I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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Forced Bi

Straight, Gay, or Slave?

Added 2017-08-27

Forced Cock Assault

Added 2017-06-02

Mouthful of Cock

Added 2017-01-13

Suck Real Cock for Me

Added 2016-11-10

Brainwashed to Be Gay

Added 2016-09-25

Tranny Blowjob Party

Added 2016-09-18

Strap On Lover

Added 2016-09-05

Forced Bi Blitz

Added 2016-07-13

Become Gay to Stay

Added 2016-05-12

Reprogrammed to Love Cock

Added 2016-02-06

My Dick Down Your Throat

Added 2016-02-03

Equality in the Workplace

Added 2015-11-22

Kept to Suck Dick

Added 2015-11-08

Gay for BBC

Added 2015-09-11

Homosexual Treatment Plan

Added 2015-05-23

Watching Gay Porn at Work

Added 2015-04-17

Bigger Blacker Dick

Added 2015-03-27

Shemale Indoctrination

Added 2015-02-06

Crave Every Inch

Added 2015-01-09

Earn My Cock

Added 2014-12-15