I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

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Ass Worship

Shrink Away To Nothing

Added 2019-01-20

Encompassing Your Life

Added 2019-01-05

Closer to My Stockings

Added 2018-09-02

Chained Beneath the Toilet

Added 2018-08-29

Sweaty Denim

Added 2018-07-04

Ass & Gas Interrogation

Added 2018-06-21

Imagine Yourself Here

Added 2018-06-17

Ass Reverence

Added 2018-04-25

Tan Lines

Added 2017-09-12

Strap-On Boudoir

Added 2017-08-29

You and Your Girlfriend

Added 2017-08-20

End of the Bed II

Added 2017-07-25

Leather Pants Worship

Added 2017-07-23

Locked Under My Ass

Added 2017-06-20

Stroke in Awe

Added 2017-05-23

Bodysuit Smother

Added 2017-05-01

Sweaty Lacey Thong

Added 2017-04-20

Shiny Sparkly Nylons

Added 2017-04-09

You Only Get My Ass

Added 2017-02-02

Ass Sniffing Jean Lover

Added 2017-01-09

Sweaty Ass Licker

Added 2016-12-03

Lacy Lingerie Jerk

Added 2016-09-07

Beneath My Ass

Added 2016-06-20