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Models / Alexandra Snow

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Alexandra Snow Vital Stats:
Height:  5'5
Age:  34
Measurements:  34G-27-33
Fun Fact:  Has Siamese Cats, Scuba Dives, Flies Planes

I am exceedingly skilled the physical, mental, and emotional elements of domination. I have spent the last decade acquiring these skills and I delight in finding new methods to use them. . I embody the mythical archetype of the femme fatale, the siren whose call shipwrecks a man upon the shoals. I use my feminine allure and exotic beauty to draw worshippers to me. I was blessed with amazing genetics, being a cultural mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Native American. With dark hair, dark eyes, and a classic face, I have been compared many times with the likenesses of ancient deities.

I do not consider myself a sadist, although I am certainly quite capable of causing pain when it pleases me. I consider myself a control fetishist above all else—for everything else is just a means to an end. I am a strict Disciplinarian, a flirtatious Neighbor, a haughty Goddess, a bossy CEO, a sadistic Dominatrix, and so much more. I am a modern-day Lou Andreas-Salomé, whose psychological genius ensnared Paul Rée and Frederick Nietzsche.

I am the incarnation of Aspasia, the elite hetaerae who taught Socrates and held Pericles in life-long adoration.

Alexandra Snow Updates

Get High and Go Down
Alexandra Snow
Alright boys. Let's do something a little wild today. I'm going to combine my powers of mental manipulation with something I know you'll enjoy. You're going to take your favorite mind-altering substance of choice and you're going to use it while watching this video. The combination of substance and my...

Tags: Big Tits Goddess Worship Mental Domination Mesmerize
Seduced by the Monster
Alexandra Snow
Oh Senator, you're so funny. We're supposed to be going to a Halloween party and you haven't even changed into your costume yet! I even brought something special for our date. Don't worry about it now, just take your clothes off. I can show you my costume if you'd like. What was that? You feel dizzy?...

Tags: Aliens and Monsters Erotic Magic Mesmerize Vampire
Diabolical Cock Tease
Alexandra Snow
Oh look. Someone is nice and hard and ready for me. I bet you'd like to me touch that cock of yours. Well, you're in luck. I think I'm in the mood to tease you today. Just running my hands up and down your cock makes you twitch with excitement. It's good isn't it? My fingers brushing up and down your...

Tags: Cock Tease Masturbation Instruction Orgasm Control Tease & Denial
Good Boy JOI
Alexandra Snow
Do you want to be my good boy? Of course you do. You crave my approval and praise like you crave water and food. Today I'll have you get out your cock and stroke exactly as I want to. If you can keep up with my instructions, I'll reward you with praise. If you can't follow my instructions, you're to...

Tags: Masturbation Encouragement Masturbation Instruction Orgasm Control Slave Training
Smell This
Alexandra Snow
Alright foot slut. Today is your lucky day. I happen to be wearing my gym shoes and I've been working very hard in them all day. Your day is so lucky because you get to sniff them. Sniff them and stroke. This is all the contact with me you deserve. Smelling my stinky shoes and socks are really all you're...

Tags: Dirty Feet Foot Fetish High Heels Legs
Husk of a Man
Alexandra Snow
It's time once more to go down. It's alright. This is a familiar feeling. No need to resist. You're just going to go down for me and succumb to my power. One by one you're going to give me pieces of you. You're going to hand over your name, your laughter, your favorite things, your love, your devotion,...

Tags: Erotic Magic Mental Domination Mesmerize Mind Fuck
Spanking The Foot Bitch
Alexandra Snow
Featuring @RaevynxRose! Look at this slut we've got tied down here to the horse. He doesn't have a face or a name, but that's okay. Raevyn and I are feeling particularly cruel today. This foot slut is going to get to smell our feet, but at a price. He'll be spanked by our hands, and then my paddle....

Tags: Double Domination Face Sitting Foot Fetish Mixed Wrestling
Dedicate Yourself to Me
Alexandra Snow
Eyes up, slave. I know you're enthralled with my outfit but I need you to pay attention. Do you know why you're attracted to this look? Do you know why you're seduced by the thought of a woman dominating you? I know why. It's very simple. Submission is in your DNA. It's your biological imperative to...

Tags: Big Tits Femdom POV Silk & Satin Slave Training