Goddess Alexandra Snow


I am first, and foremost, a naturally Dominant Woman. I have always been, and will always be. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme for me. I am well-educated and very successful, and I have found that exercising my Dominant nature keeps me balanced and satiated. For me, it is a hunger, and I must feed it.. lest it get out of control.

I am both a professional Dominatrix as well as a Lifestyle Domina. That means that I am authentic in every moment of my life. I don’t step into the role, I AM the real thing. I am also a Female Supremacist. Of course, some women are more superior than others. Looking around at poor, pitiful housewives is a perfect example. However! I believe that men are simply inferior, as a gender, to women. There are a handful of exceptions to this rule, but in general… men should be on their knees. I believe a man truly finds his purpose in serving a woman. A man’s existence should be spent entertaining, suffering, pleasing, and revering– and I have no qualms about teaching a boy his place.

  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: August 20
  • Sign: Leo
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (Egyptian/American)
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Caramel
  • Languages: English
  • Birthplace: Houston, Texas
  • Currently: Columbus, Ohio
  • Height: 5’5″ in bare feet
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Measurements: 34F-26-36
  • Bra: 34F (natural!)
  • Panty: 5 (small)
  • Dress: Size 4/6
  • Pants: Size 3
  • Shoe: Size 8 (US) 
  • Color: Blue & Black
  • Animal: Siamese cats (I have three.)
  • To wear: Satin and lace, peep-toe pumps
  • To read: Historical fiction
  • Food: Sushi!
  • Interests: history, art, psychology, theology, animal training and behavior, technology
  • Hobbies: shopping, travel, hiking and mountain biking, working out, animal rescue and advocacy, movies (anything action/adventure!), video games, modern dance (belly dance, jazz), historical research, BDSM psychology
  • Tease & Denial
  • Cock Control/Orgasm Control
  • Foot Worship/Fetish
  • Hypnosis & Mind Control
  • Financial Domination
  • Slave Training
  • Humiliation
  • Stockings, Pantyhose, Lingerie
  • Leather and Latex
  • Forced Bi
  • CEI and JOI
  • Anal Instruction
  • Role-playing Scenarios
  • ..and much more.


I am a Goddess. I know that I am Divine, through and through, and it is my place to be worshipped. Like the Greek goddess Artemis, I can be a benevolent and patient deity.. leading my worshippers into sublime experiences. Or I can be a vicious, cruel tyrant with my wrath reigning down on your poor little manhoods at the slightest provocation. I am Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith, Isis. I am a Seductress. I embody the mythical archetype of the femme fatale, the siren whose call shipwrecks a man upon the shoals. I find pleasure in tapping that buried male hunger and using it as a weapon against them. A caress, a glance, a sultry word… and men are spellbound. Men will peacock and petition for my favor on the barest promise of pleasure, knowing it will never be delivered.

I am a modern-day Lou Andreas-Salomé, whose psychological genius ensnared Paul Rée and Frederick Nietzsche. I am the incarnation of Aspasia, the elite hetaerae who taught Socrates and held Pericles in life-long adoration. I am multi-faceted. For too long, I showed only one face of myself to the outside world. Now, I revel in the depths of my personality. I am a strict Disciplinarian, a flirtatious Neighbor, a haughty Princess, a bossy CEO, a sadistic Dominatrix, and much more. My moods may change by the moment, and I will indulge in whatever whims I wish.


How did I get here?

I was always a leader, a trainer, and a prodigy child. I went to special schools for the gifted, skipped grades, participated in arts and science programs of every kind, even graduated before 16. I was always gifted in any field I participated in– from classical dance to playing the flute to visual arts. My family owned and operated both stables and kennels for expensive and well-bred animals. From an early age, I learned to train beasts large and small in a variety of techniques.

While I was born in Texas, I have lived in more than 17 states, meeting and playing with people from all walks of life. I have been involved in the modeling and film world for many years, and found my exotic appearance to work wonders in my favor. I relish in bringing grown men to stammering idiocy with just a smile. I excelled in the financial and IT world by combining a natural mental acuity with the willingness to use my beauty as a finely honed weapon.

I owned my first slave, a petite blonde girl, at 17 years old. This was my first real relationship, and I did not find it “abnormal” at all. Our relationship worked smoothly, because I was always in control. She introduced me to the “BDSM community.” I was really taken aback by the people I met… the majority of them didn’t seem too impressive, neither in appearance or in behavior. So I studied, went to seminars, sought out people who were skilled in areas that interested me. Then, through chance, I met my mentor.

She was a truly amazing lifestyle Dominant and retired professional, and saw in me the potential in me to be great. For nearly 2 years, I learned from her: from intense slave training and behavior modification, to elaborate bondage and suspension, precise and cruel corporal punishment, and more. When she finally released me with tears in her eyes, I had a fire in my belly. I threw myself into new experiences and new pets to play with, finding no limit to the men and women who were willing to suffer and amuse me.

Because I was working in the corporate world, I wasn’t able to advertise myself much for fear of being “outed” in a very reputable firm. So, in order to play with me, you had to come very well recommended. It was so thrilling to work in my office all day, only to come home to a plaything ready to withstand the frustrations of my day. I would occasionally attend conferences and speak on different subjects, and I ran a very popular online discussion forum as well.

In 2004, I left my firm and began doing freelance consulting work. All of a sudden, I was able to “come out” in a more public fashion without fear of treading on a morality clause. I launched my own website as a professional Domina and began to take on clients very selectively. I traveled as much as I liked, exploring each and every fetish that caught my interest, and commiting myself to the pursuit of sexual behaviors psychology.

Soon my popularity as a professional Domme put me a crossroad. I had designs of expanding my empire beyond my existing “stable,” and using my Goddess-given gifts to drive my ambition. So I decided to use my existing IT and business background and started my own multimedia company that specialized in fetish media production. My personal playspace was also far too small, so I began to build and equip a 2400 square foot space, later dubbed “Wicked Eden.” After that, things just took off. My business thrived and the dungeon grew wildly. Now, Wicked Eden is a well-known dungeon in Columbus and I have three lovely proteges. I have always been successful in everything that I do, because I will not rest until I’ve conquered each and every goal.

In late 2011, I began my POV clip store on Clips4Sale and Kinkbomb. In less than 2 months, it soared to the top 50 on C4s and I now can usually be found in the top 10. To anyone’s knowledge, my POV store was the first to ever become this successful this quickly. People have asked me why repeatedly, and the answer is simple: because I am real. I am 100% authentic. I don’t need to play pretend, I don’t need to roleplay my dominance. To those of you who feel the need to serve a true female dominant, I draw you like a moth to a flame.